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About Us

Here at the Southland Dog Training Club our purpose is to have fun with our dogs and to help other dog owners to have well trained, happy, active dogs.

Our club is longstanding - more than 60 years old. We are an incorporated society run by a committee. We provide training in everything dog-related, from basic domestic obedience and advanced puppy to championship level competitive sports training.

Currently our dog sports codes include: 




scent work.

Classes are taught by our members who give their time and expertise, and also by visiting tutors who provide short seminars and workshops. 

The Southland Dog Training Club is part of the Dogs New Zealand network of clubs. We host four Championship level Shows, two Ribbon Trials & several club/ fun days each year. 

We do dog sport demonstrations at Southland and Gore A & P shows and at the Edendale Crank Up show.

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